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Living out Missional Faith: Adron's Story 5/20/2013

From the very beginning, Northern Seminary was visionary; students with unique backgrounds gave Northern the rich history it has had for the past one hundred years. Adron Robinson graduated from Northern Seminary in May 2008. During his time at ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Rhonda's Story 5/13/2013

Northern Seminary graduates have landed in many places around the globe, places that are dark, untouched, and unsafe. But trusting the call God has given them, they go. Travelers flying into Las Vegas see an oasis of light long before reaching the ... read more

Coincidence or Providence: The First 25 Years of Northern Seminary 5/2/2013

How can a seminary begin with no campus, no faculty, no students, and no written strategic plan? Today most of us would say that such an accomplishment is impossible. How can a seminary begin with no funding, no future prospect for a campus ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Alan's Story 5/1/2013

86 years after Northern Seminary first opened its doors and began preparing leaders in the church, Alan Roxburgh graduated as a Doctor of Ministry, ready to teach and lead and use what he had learned while attending Northern. With a focus on being ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Miriam's Story 5/1/2013

Miriam Chacon-Peralta graduated in 1992 with her Master of Divinity and again in 1994 with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. Alumni like Miriam reflect such beautiful dedication to following the calls God places on our lives, and as Northern ... read more