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Campus Development and Innovation: The Fourth 25 Years 9/12/2013

As Northern moved into the 1980s and 1990s, it began to look at how it could redevelop its campus and improve its leadership position among evangelicals in North America. The fourth 25 years are marked by a number of campus development initiatives ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Deb McKinney's Story 9/9/2013

What does it mean to form a church without members?  This question puzzled Deb McKinney for over 20 years before she finally discovered the answer, and this period of waiting, as Deb recalls it, was not always easy or comfortable.  ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Christine Vanderbilt's Story 9/9/2013

In 2002, shortly after moving from Florida to Chicago, Christine Vanderbilt decided to accompany her husband William on a Northern Seminary campus visit.  The couple, along with their two children, had moved to the area for work, and William, ... read more