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Living out Missional Faith: David Watkins' Story 8/6/2014

In the face of today’s spiritual and social challenges, seeds of renewal are sprouting in Washington Park, a historic African American community in Chicago, where David Wayne Watkins, III serves as Senior Pastor of the Greater Bethesda ... read more

Living Out Missional Faith: Tyron Smith's Story 8/6/2014

During his undergraduate and graduate studies which were focused specifically in pastoral care, evangelism and theological training Pastor Tyron Smith found himself being well equipped to serve the Body of Christ. Tyron has been called ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Nury Smith's Story 5/6/2014

There is a lot more to the admissions process at Northern Seminary than you might think.  In the balance between recruitment and enrollment Northern relies on key individuals to ensure that all the proper procedures are followed so that every ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Rev. Dr. Michael W. Bradburn's Story 5/6/2014

Northern Seminary continues to see a significant need for pastoral care within our churches, chapels, and communities.  In response to this need, Northern has dedicated a significant portion of our pastoral training towards the development of ... read more

Living Out Missional Faith: Mattie's Story 2/4/2014

Reaching the lost and spreading the good news has been at the center of Mattie Phillips life in ministry for nearly 20 years. Starting in 1986 Mattie formed the Jesus Word Center Life Changing Ministries with the desire to serve and save the ... read more

Living Out Missional Faith: Dan's Story 2/4/2014

Some ministers identify a call to full-time vocational ministry very early in life, but this was not the case for Dan Martinson.  Though a committed Christian from a young age, Dan's earliest career aspirations were in the music field. ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Brett Smith's Story 1/6/2014

Brett Smith discovered his calling into ministry shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois in 1987.  While working with young adults he found himself, as a relatively new believer, being called to serve and influence young ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Lina and Wilson Herrera's Story 1/6/2014

Wilson and Lina Herrera have been serving as missionaries in a foreign country for nearly 20 years.  They serve many needs in this country, including focused support for young adults and pastors in a developing church context.  This needy ... read more

Campus Development and Innovation: The Fourth 25 Years 9/12/2013

As Northern moved into the 1980s and 1990s, it began to look at how it could redevelop its campus and improve its leadership position among evangelicals in North America. The fourth 25 years are marked by a number of campus development initiatives ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Deb McKinney's Story 9/9/2013

What does it mean to form a church without members?  This question puzzled Deb McKinney for over 20 years before she finally discovered the answer, and this period of waiting, as Deb recalls it, was not always easy or comfortable.  ... read more