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Coincidence or Providence: The First 25 Years of Northern Seminary 5/2/2013

How can a seminary begin with no campus, no faculty, no students, and no written strategic plan? Today most of us would say that such an accomplishment is impossible. How can a seminary begin with no funding, no future prospect for a campus ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Alan's Story 5/1/2013

86 years after Northern Seminary first opened its doors and began preparing leaders in the church, Alan Roxburgh graduated as a Doctor of Ministry, ready to teach and lead and use what he had learned while attending Northern. With a focus on being ... read more

Living out Missional Faith: Miriam's Story 5/1/2013

Miriam Chacon-Peralta graduated in 1992 with her Master of Divinity and again in 1994 with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. Alumni like Miriam reflect such beautiful dedication to following the calls God places on our lives, and as Northern ... read more