Statement of Educational Effectiveness

“The strategic role of the seminary is to educate leaders who will be personally whole and spiritually mature, Biblically grounded and theologically competent, pastoral, evangelistic and prophetic.”
From the Northern Seminary Mission Statement

“Our vision is to prepare leaders who will faithfully serve Jesus Christ with evangelical passion and missionary skills in Biblically grounded and culturally relevant ministries.”
Northern Seminary Vision Statement

Northern Seminary is dedicated to offering quality theological education and ongoing formation for ministry leaders who are preparing for or who are already engaged in ministry in the United States and around the world. Our Administration, Faculty, and Board of Trustees are tasked with oversight of quality assurance, academic integrity and relevant ministry training. Each program of study is gauged by learning outcomes which identify and measure academic and ministerial competencies.

Educational effectiveness is measured by students’ ability to succeed in ministry positions which fit their desired goals for ministry and through a rigorous Comprehensive Assessment program which enables the faculty to annually evaluate students achievement of learning outcomes for each academic degree program. This statement of educational effectiveness takes into account the mission and vision of Northern Seminary, curricular goals for each degree program, as well as the goals of each student.

As of today, Northern Seminary has over 1,800 alums serving the Church across all of the United States and in 30 countries around the world. They work in local churches, missional communities, homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, gang ministry, hospices, social service organizations, denominations, church networks, church planting initiatives, and much more. In the most recent survey, our graduates indicated that as a direct result of their Northern Seminary educational experience they were stronger in all 15 areas of personal growth defined in the Association of Theological School’s Graduating Student Questionnaire. In addition, our graduates rated their satisfaction with the progress they made related to ministry skills while attending Northern Seminary 4% higher than the average of graduates from all other ATS schools.
Northern Seminary’s health and vitality is contingent upon our ability to offer quality, accessible, and effective programs for those seeking theological and ministerial training. To this end, we take seriously the need to continuously monitor, evaluate and enhance our programs to ensure they meet standards for academic and pastoral excellence.

For questions and inquiries about Northern’s educational mission, assessment and effectiveness efforts, please contact the Northern Seminary by phone at (630) 620.2180.

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