Gerald L. Borchert

Gerald L. Borchert (Senior Professor at Carson Newman and Emeritus Thesis Director at the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies) was a Canadian lawyer who holds a Princeton Ph.D. in New Testament and did post-doctoral work in Jerusalem, Cambridge, Hamburg, Duke and Boston.  He has taught in a number of places in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe and has been the dean of two American seminaries.  A translator for the New Living Translation, he has penned over 150 articles and a score of books including commentaries on John, Galatians, Revelation, Thessalonians and Worship in the New Testament.  He has been a Seminar leader for over 40 tours to the Holy Land and the Mediterranean World and has penned 2 volumes as guides to The Lands of the Bible: one on Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc and the other on Greece and Turkey. His most recent major work is Jesus of Nazareth: Background, Witnesses and Significance.      

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Gerald L. Borchert

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