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 Alan Rox

Alan Roxburgh

DMin Alumnus, 1991

With a focus on being the Church in a new age, Alan Roxburgh is working to develop missional leaders while leading churches in transformative missional processes. With over 30 years of experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education, Alan has seen his call take him to pastoral ministry in small town, suburban, and urban churches as well as several church plants. Currently, he is a pastor, teacher, writer and consultant. His work in the Roxburgh Missional Network and Allelon has impacted countless churches and ministry organizations. He has led conferences, seminars and consultations with denominations, congregations and seminaries across North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the UK.


 Mary Scheer 2

Mary Scheer

MDiv Alumna, 1999

Imagine a multi-gifted military officer with two black belts in martial arts, who is also a compassionate shepherd-servent who preaches sermons and leads a host of church ministries! That’s Pastor and Chaplain Mary Scheer.

Mary was inspired to pursue her calling at Northern despite real obstacles. Several years and one MDiv later, she and her family were called to Brewster Baptist Church where she serves as pastor, and to her second area of ministry as Chaplain Captain, United States Air Force and Air National Guard. Mary says her chief responsibility is providing pastoral care and counseling. She remarks, “Every aspect of my life has been shaped by someone else’s willingness to serve others.” Mary believes that she owes her commitment to furthering God’s work in this world because so many loved and encouraged her while attending Northern.


 Adron Robinson 2

Adron Robinson

MDiv Alumnus, 2008

God often speaks through others, and Adron Robinson is proof. Adron graduated from Northern Seminary in May 2008. During his time at Northern he served as Assistant Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in Chicago. After graduation, God led him to Hillcrest Baptist Church in Country Club Hills. As the first African American pastor in their 40-year history, Adron is using his gifts in pastoral care, leadership and teaching ministries to take Hillcrest on a journey of community outreach, evangelism, and growth.

As a young man, he turned away from the inner-city gang culture to follow Christ and God equipped Adron in every way for where he is now. Adron remarks, "There's a saying I keep in mind: God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way!"




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