Christian Leadership

Courses which can be applied toward this emphasis:

Dept # Course
ED 420 Dev. Churches & Christian Orgs.
IN 301 Exploring the Bible
ME 301-L Theology & Practice of Evangelism
MN 345 Leadership and Systems Thinking
PC 301 Intro to Pastoral Care
PC 311 Conflict Mediation
TH 303 Theology of Church & Culture
TH 445 Theological Identity in Baptist Life
WS 301 Theology of Worship & Spirituality
YM 301 Theology & Philosophy of Youth Ministry
CH 407 History of American Religious
IN 302 Baptist History and Polity
ME 401 Contemporary Issues in Missions - Rockford
ME 407 Islam and the Christian Mission
PC 302 Intro to Pastoral Counseling
TE 426 Medical Ethics and the Pastor
UR 303 Urban Ministry:Creative Preaching-Lawndale
ME 409 Disipling and Mentoring
MN   Ministry Elective
MN 433 Church in Post-Christendom
PC 430 Premarital and Marital Counseling
PC 432 Issues in Pastoral Counseling Pre Requisite: PC 301 or 302
TH  409 Reconciliation & Racism: Way of Faith
UR 301 Urban Ministry of the Church - Lawndale
CT 311 Our Call to Ministry: Pinciples of Longevity
YM 410 Teaching Strategies in Youth Ministry - Elgin

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