Is Seminary for Me?

As you consider seminary, you may find yourself asking , “Is seminary really for me?” Many people believe seminary is only for those planning to do ministry as a vocation and while it does provide great training for such people, seminary brings rich experiences to deepen your relationship with God.

Northern Seminary works to train leaders who are biblically grounded and theologically competent. Those traits are valuable for anyone desiring to serve God faithfully. Seminary graduates use their education to enhance their work as pastors, missionaries, chaplains, counselors, lay leaders, social workers, and improve their witness in their workplace. Others plan to continue their education into doctoral studies and become teachers and educators.

Seminary is for those seeking to serve in ministry as a vocation and everyone looking to deepen their biblical and theological knowledge. Northern adds to that by offering great opportunities to learn in exciting ministry settings and truly have an experiential ministry education.

The possibilities for life after and during seminary are unlimited. We will provide a journey with amazing experiences and wonderful opportunities. No matter where you are called to serve, your time at Northern will prepare you to serve God faithfully through a better understanding of scripture and deeper relationship with Him and others.

I encourage you to speak with our admissions staff to see how Northern Seminary can help you in your desire to serve God faithfully.

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