Your Life in Christ

Your life in Christ is vital to the effectiveness of your ministry and the peacefullness of your mind. Too often those in minstry are so focused on the ministry that they lose ground in their walk with Christ. At Northern we work to develop leaders who are whole - in every sense of the word. Leaders need to be Biblically grounded, missionally minded, and spiritually whole in order to minister in ways that meet the needs of the world today.


To accomplish this goal, we have a complete Spiritual Formation Program in which students participate throughout their entire degree.


* Students undergo a personality, vocational, psychological, intercultural development inventory as well as a character self-assessment, which is reviewed periodically throughout their enrollment.


* A Christian counselor, from Midwest Development Center, partners with the student to identify areas for growth. Accountability partners are identified to help students in specified areas. Partners regularly report back on progress.


* Students are given multiple assignments, including an autobiography, a ministry formation plan, a statement of faith, a ministry application paper, and a ministry portfolio.


* Students complete a clinical pastoral education course and experience, serving as a chaplain or in some other real-ministry capacity.


* Students are placed in a peer formation group: a safe environment to process ministry formation plan.

Faculty Profile

Karen Walker Freeburg

Karen Walker Freeburg

Dean of Academic Programs

Associate Professor of Ministry & Christian Spirituality

    • 630.620.2179
    • Lombard Campus Office 169


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