Humbled but Grateful

By: Northern Seminary

Northern Seminary is announcing today the appointment of Dr. Scot McKnight as Professor of New Testament.  He will join our faculty team during the summer and begin teaching in the fall term.

We sense God’s hand in this move very deeply.  Scot McKnight is not only a great New Testament scholar, he communicates brilliantly and challenges us to rethink very important issues.  Being grounded in what the Bible really says and being relevant to people in the 21st century are high values which we share with him.

Many will know of Dr. McKnight through highly significant books like The Jesus Creed, The Blue Parakeet, and his recent The King Jesus Gospel  (all easily found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers).  If he’s a new name to you, then there are many places to find further information on him including Wikipedia.

Scot McKnight is the second highly significant addition to our faculty in recent months.  The other is Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling who has been appointed Professor of Theology.  She will move from Grand Rapids this summer and, like Scot, begin teaching in the fall.

Dr. Nordling is also a busy writer and conference speaker.   Her deep insights into the humanity/divinity of Jesus have challenged us already at Northern during an introductory lecture, making deep connections with our students and starting a line of enquirers wanting to sign up early for her courses!

The odd thing is that a year ago we believed we would add one new professor during this year, and in the end God has given us two.  Both stories involve amazing accounts of people listening to God and responding gently but sincerely, and all of us recognizing God bringing about a new thing.  Shouldn’t it always be like that?

These friends are both a great fit with who Northern Seminary is and is becoming.  We are not playing at being seminary, but people deeply committed to the mission of God, to the preparation of godly and gifted leaders for the church, and to seeing the kingdom’s work grow and transform this community and people around the world.  We have big visions, and God keeps making them bigger.

More than once I’ve written on this blog that God is doing something very special among us.  No one at Northern is engineering the great things which are happening.  We’re working very hard of course, but seeing far more than human creativity or management could achieve. We’re humbled but grateful.

Someone commented on Scot McKnight’s blog (Jesus Creed) today that Northern should expect lots of new applications.  I’ll be thrilled if that happens – please point people our way.

Above all, though, I am thrilled that our experienced and gifted faculty team is being strengthened significantly as Scot joins us.  My prayers are with him and his wife Kris as he finishes his work at North Park University and transitions into his new calling.


April 26, 2012

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