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Northern Seminary is looking to hire a part-time IT ...

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Congratulations Class of 2014!

We are proud to welcome the graduating class of 2014 into ...

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Thanksgiving Holiday (Seminary closed)

Thanksgiving Holiday (Seminary closed)

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Alistair Brown

As a Fire Exists by Burning – Luke 9:1-6

Posted: Jul 22, 2014

A pile of wood isn’t a fire if there are no flames. And, no matter how many Christians gather together, there is no church if there is no mission. Jesus did not bring twelve disciples around him for protection, or for pleasant company, or because he liked having followers. Following him was fundamental, but he also had a purpose for them, and that purpose was mission to the world.


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Who Left On the Lights?

Posted: Jun 20, 2014

  George Bullard writes about visiting with a pastor who superbly dealt with a senior in his church who was upset the lights had been left on in the sanctuary. The pastor was gentle, carefully diffused the senior’s annoyance, and avoided getting hooked into an emotional response to the complaint.The event became, for George, an insight into how that pastor had gradually helped the seniors in the church let go of their focus on small things and fall in love with Jesus again. The ...

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