What is Missional Theological Education?

Simply put, missional theological education joins theological reflection and ministry experience with a view toward holistic spiritual formation.

Theological reflection is a vital part of missional theological education.  God’s work throughout history, God’s word to us in Scripture, and the collective thought of Christian leaders throughout history – the rigorous study of these aspects of the Christian faith are indispensable to the shaping of faithful Christian leaders.

Ministry experience, however, is the context in which theological reflection finds its true significance.  As with Jesus and the disciples, it is in the context of our participation in God's work in the world that our theological reflection is meant to take shape.

Holistic spiritual formation is the ultimate aim of missional theological education.  We may do some profound theological reflection and participate in incredibly significant ministry experiences, but if the combination of these things does not result in our becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others, then we will have missed the mark.

Interested in participating in this sort of journey?  Request information or explore some of our partnership-based programs here or read about some of our programs below.  

DMin in Missional Leadership:

With faculty like Dave Fitch, Craig Van Gelder, and Alan Roxburgh, this program develops missional leaders and transformational ministries.  All courses are week-long intensives so that students do not need to leave their current ministry setting in order to participate.  Read more…

John Perkins Fellowship (Urban Ministry):

No other program of this nature exists in the United States.  John Perkins is a pioneer in urban ministry and serves as a faculty member in our program that bears his name.  100% tuition scholarships are offered to participants in this program which requires all applicants to complete an interview process.  In order to truly understand and engage in missional ministry in an urban context, students are required to live in an urban setting and serve an urban ministry. Read more...

Exploring Youth Sub-Culture:

We believe it is vital to explore and study youth subculture in order to actively engage and minister to today's youth.  Therefore, we have developed courses and an in depth program around Sub-Culture Youth Ministry.  Read More...

Christian Community Development MACM:

Wayne “Coach” Gordon and John Perkins founded the Christian Community Development Association which is now a worldwide movement which inspires, trains, and connects Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.  We have developed both a master’s and doctoral degree which is connected to the annual CCDA conference so that leaders can stay involved in their ministry setting while gaining value education.  Read more...