Library Book sale!

The Brimson Grow Library will host a book sale, open to the community, from Monday, September 28th through Saturday, October 10th. There are over 3,000 books for sale, so grab a friend and come by!

Library book sale hours are: 11am-10:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 11am-6pm Wednesday and Friday, 2-6pm Saturday; Closed on Sunday.

Categories of Books for Sale:

1. General/affordable books. These will sell at the simple rate of $1/softcover, $3/hardcover; these will be sorted alphabetically by last name or the title of the book when a name is not provided.

2. Theological books that can be found for reasonable prices online will be sold at the following rates:

Books that retail from $10-$19 on Amazon will sell for $8.

Books that retail from $20-26 on Amazon will sell for $10.

Books that retail from $26-$39 on Amazon will sell for $15.

3. All serious theological works that sell for more than $40 on Amazon.
These will be silently auctioned for the duration of the book sale. Bids will begin at half of the retail price on Amazon and increase by a minimum of $2/bid.

Auction winners will be emailed at the end of the book sale to finalize their payment method and arrange a pickup time.

Just for clarification – we are selling these books at half the retail cost to edify the scholarship of the Northern Seminary community; as such, we kindly ask patrons to buy items for their own personal use instead of for resale.

Please feel free to inform local pastors and friends to join us for our book sale. All proceeds will go directly to new library books and resources.

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