Tuition and Fees for 2011-2012 Reflect Northern’s Innovation

At its April meeting, Northern Seminary’s Board of Trustees approved the tuition and fee rates for the 2011-2012 academic year. However, the decision process involved much more than a discussion about numbers – it included a commitment to ongoing innovation and recognition that education should not be categorized by its delivery method.

For the past two years, Northern Seminary has frozen its tuition rates and fees because it recognized the financial hardship many of its students were enduring. During that time, Northern has developed over 18 different programmatic partnerships, increased enrollment by over 22% and faithfully followed God’s leading into new paradigms of theological education.

For the first time in three years, Northern will be increasing its tuition for all programs. A detailed schedule of the new tuition and fee rates is available here. However, we made one very important decision which is linked closely to Northern’s commitment to ongoing innovation – students have only ONE tuition rate and ONE registration fee.

In the past, it was normal to charge students a technology fee AND charge either an “online course fee” or have an “online course tuition rate.” Instead, we believe education should simply be education. Technology and online mediums are not only an expectation, but also add tremendous value when used appropriately. Likewise, classroom experiences provide great value for the student.

At Northern, we believe that different delivery methods can achieve the same results and provide the same quality of education. We also believe that technological services provided to students should be equal across all delivery methods. Let’s step into this new day together. Northern is committed to have education that is accessible, relevant, and affordable. Achieving that goal means committing to ongoing innovation and creating financial models that can be sustained for students, the church, and the seminary. Join us we continue our journey of Equipping the Church to Change the World through an education that is Biblical, Missional, and Personal.

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