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When God Seems to Have Forgotten Us – Psalm 13 1/27/2014

King David was a man who lost touch with God, and he poured out his soul in a psalm. He had a deep sense of being abandoned by God. But David finishes his psalm very different from how he began it. He still does not see God, but he knows there is a ... read more

God’s Greatness and Goodness – Psalm 8 1/20/2014

“LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” David writes in each of the first and last verses of Psalm 8. What that glorious cry of delight sandwiches is a celebration of God’s greatness and a celebration of God’s goodness ... read more

“Deliver Me, My God” – Psalm 3 1/13/2014

In Psalm 3 King David is losing. The game looks like it is completely over. No-one gives him any chance at all. But he will find victory. It won’t be because of his determination. It won’t be because of his battle skills. It won’t be because ... read more

Finding the Right Way Forward - Acts 16:6-10 1/6/2014

At the start of a new year – or a new phase of life – or a new relationship – or being in a new place, we may not be sure what lies ahead. With patience and with perseverance from us, the God who already knows it all perfectly will make his ... read more