President's Bible Study

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The First Witnesses of the Good News – Luke 2:8-20 12/30/2013

God’s thoughts and God’s ways are not only higher than ours, they’re better. We would never have thought of any of these details of God’s plan because we would never have thought of the plan. We wouldn’t have thought humans like us were ... read more

The Baby Born in the Humblest of Circumstances – Luke 2:1-7 12/23/2013

The Savior of the world was born. A miracle? Certainly, but a miracle planned in the heart of God long before any of us were made, and wonderfully and powerfully carried out so that we might know him and find the joy and wonder of salvation. read more

Extraordinary Submission – Luke 1:34-38 12/16/2013

This study is about a young, Jewish girl from Galilee called Mary who trusted her heavenly Father and went forward with faith and confidence to do his will. The angel of God, Gabriel, has told Mary she will conceive a son. Her son, yes, but also ... read more

The Most Surprising Pregnancy in Human History – Luke 1:26-33 12/9/2013

Luke begins his gospel with a surprise pregnancy, the story of how Zechariah and Elizabeth came to have a baby even in their very old age. Now – from Jerusalem – Luke moves the story north to a modest-sized town called Nazareth, and another ... read more

Silenced by an Angel – Luke 1:18-25 12/2/2013

In many ways, the lesson in these verses is simple. There are moments when we do not respond well to God and we suffer because of that. But ultimately the God of grace still uses and blesses us and his will gets done. It is that straightforward, ... read more