President's Bible Study

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Strengthened with Love – 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 4/29/2013

These far off, young Christians needed prayer. Paul had led them to faith, but he has been absent from them for some time. He was worried they had fallen away from their faith under severe persecution, but now he has news they are holding fast to ... read more

Worth It After All – 1 Thessalonians 3:6-10 4/22/2013

God takes the frail and broken people of this world and in their hurt and pain uses them to achieve great things. read more

In the Hardest of Times – 1 Thessalonians 3:1-5 4/15/2013

No-one can make our hardships just go away, but God gives us people who are encouragers and helpers. read more

The Rich Crown – 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20 4/8/2013

The Christians in Thessalonica were Paul's spiritual children. He'd brought them the gospel, nurtured their faith, shown them how to witness to others, and suffered with them for the faith. He was rightfully, unashamedly proud of them. But now they ... read more

Our Victor – 1 Corinthians 15:17-20 4/1/2013

For many years I never thought of the resurrection as important, as if Easter was about having your sins forgiven through Jesus’ death on the cross, and the resurrection on the third day was little more than a really happy ending. Eventually ... read more