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What God Begins, He Completes – Romans 5:9-11 5/27/2013

By the death of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, God has reconciled us now and forever to him. This is good news. This is great news. This is the most wonderful news there has ever been. read more

Amazing Love – Romans 5:6-8 5/20/2013

We do not deserve eternal life, but Jesus not only risked but gave his life that we might live. read more

The Path to Hope – Romans 5:3-5 5/13/2013

Through the hardest of times, the worst of sufferings, our heavenly Father holds us and uses what is wretched and dreadful to build good things in our lives. read more

Peace with God and His Amazing Grace – Romans 5: 1-2 5/6/2013

Through Christ Christians have every right of access into the goodness of God. But sometimes we feel we don’t deserve it or don’t belong and we miss out. read more