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Do Not Fear – Haggai 2:1-5 6/24/2014

Back in the days of the prophet Haggai, the people of God were struggling. After years of failing to rebuild the temple, at last they’d begun. But, as the first flush of enthusiasm subsided, their hearts sank and energy drained. It seemed ... read more

A God-Given Motivation – Haggai 1:13-15 6/17/2014

When people really want to get on with a building project, it’s amazing how quickly the work can get done. After sixteen years of doing nothing except laying the foundations of the temple, the people of God had a new will to build that temple ... read more

What Makes a Sermon Powerful – Haggai 1:12 6/10/2014

The effectiveness of a sermon doesn’t lie in the preacher’s power. Ideally there should always be good preparation, but spiritual power doesn’t come from the careful crafting of the message or the immense oratory of the preacher. Power, ... read more

Time for a U-turn – Haggai 1:7-11 6/3/2014

There is something deeply stubborn in most of us. We get set in our ways, and especially when we think we’re right, we keep doing what we’ve always done. But what if we’re not right? What if our decisions are misguided? What if our lives are ... read more