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Making Jesus Known Where He is Not Known – Romans 15: 20-22 9/30/2013

“How come all the Christians seem to get guidance to live in the nice places?” Why do they feel led to the places of safety, comfort, affluence, places where there are already churches almost everywhere? Why are they not guided to the dark, ... read more

Partners in the Gospel – Philippians 1:3-6 9/23/2013

Paul not only remembers the Philippians, he gives thanks and prays for them because they have been his partners in the work of God, knowing that God will never stop his work in their lives until the day of Jesus. read more

Faithful God – Lamentations 3:22-24 9/16/2013

One of the interesting things about this passage is that for twenty verses before this the writer has listed all his struggles and afflictions. Life is hard; life is tough; life is full of pain and difficulty. But, he says, there is something that ... read more

Dealing with Draining People – Mark 8:11-13 9/9/2013

Sometimes you can never do enough. You cannot say or do the right thing. You’re giving everything – making lots of sacrifices – honestly giving your best – and it still won’t do. That’s not fair and not right. But it happens. It ... read more

Don’t Look Backwards When You’re Going Forwards – Acts 1:10-11 9/2/2013

The apostles staring into the sky feared Jesus' going to heaven was the end. It was far from the end. One day he would come back just as obviously but far more gloriously than he had left, and meantime there was much to do so that many would ... read more