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When God Speaks – Acts 11:27-30 1/20/2015

I believe in prophecy, but I also believe there are times when someone prophesies their personal view about something and their own opinion of what should happen next. I’ve also heard words called ‘prophecy’ which felt like someone’s ... read more

How a Leader Combined Strength and Humility – Acts 11:25-26 1/13/2015

Over the years, I’ve seen how good leaders blend strength and humility. You can’t have either strength or humility. Both have to exist and they must be held in balance. Barnabas was that kind of leader, a man with exactly these qualities. If ... read more

Barnabas the Encourager – Acts 11:22-24 1/6/2015

Gentiles were being evangelized, many were coming to faith, and Jews and Gentiles were gathering together in Antioch in one church. When the Jerusalem leaders heard, they had to find out what was really happening in Antioch. Then they would ... read more

A New Strategy for a New Time – Acts 11:19-21 12/30/2014

The early Christians accepted an emergent strategy that took them to a place they’d never intended to go. They adopted a deliberate strategy which reached out to people they’d never before imagined should hear the gospel. They rejoiced in an ... read more

The Odd Ancestors of Jesus – Matthew 1:1-17, Part Three 12/23/2014

David is the last in this short series on Jesus’ odd ancestors, and we’ve looked at six of them. Jesus’ family tree proves God’s grace and goodness is for all. The long list of ‘odd’ ancestors shows God was willing to use some people ... read more

The Odd Ancestors of Jesus – Matthew 1:1-17, Part Two 12/16/2014

Other than Mary, the mother of Jesus, only four women are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus listed by Matthew in chapter one of his gospel. One of these is unnamed but we know who she was and she’s part of the next study. The other three ... read more

The Odd Ancestors of Jesus – Matthew 1:1-17, Part One 12/9/2014

At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Coming to earth meant he gained earthly relatives. Jesus has a long line of very human ancestors, some of whom are very odd. But they’re there, not hidden away, and we can learn from them. read more

On an Ordinary Day, Suddenly It Will All Change – Mark 13:32-37 12/2/2014

Christmas marks the first coming of Jesus, with the good news of God’s Savior. But there is also a second coming of Jesus (traditionally celebrated at the beginning of Advent). What is certain is that Jesus will come again. What is much less ... read more

Why Give Thanks to God? – Psalm 100:4-5 11/25/2014

Psalm 100 has a mini version of the endless "whys" of a child. The people are being called to worship at the temple. It’s the time to give thanks to God and praise his name. Then it’s as if someone asks “Why?” And that question ... read more

Impossible Goals? – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 11/18/2014

In 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 we’re commanded to be joyful always, to pray continually, and to give thanks in all circumstances. It is possible to do all of these, and the final words of verse 18 add “for this is God’s will for you in Christ ... read more