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Ready and Watching but Also Surprised – Luke 12:35-40 10/7/2014

These verses–and those which follow immediately after–center on the second coming of Jesus. Jesus has been urging his disciples to get their eyes off the things of this world and to concentrate on the things of God’s kingdom. His message now ... read more

You Have All You Need – Luke 12:32-34 9/30/2014

What Jesus was teaching is, do not fall in love with money. Do not make it the goal of your life to accumulate more and more for yourself. Rather give away your wealth, and do good with what God has allowed you to have. When we use God’s ... read more

So Much Better Than “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – Luke 12:22-31 9/23/2014

In Luke 12 Jesus speaks about worry, but he has something of real meaning to say about overcoming worry. His words are so much better than “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”! read more

“You Fool!” – Luke 12:13-21 9/16/2014

The story Jesus tells from verse 13 of Luke 12 is usually described as The Parable of the Rich Fool. The man in Jesus' parable is exceptionally rich. He has resources much greater than the average person. But he's completely unexceptional in his ... read more

The Holy Spirit’s Help in Times of Trouble – Luke 12:11-12 9/9/2014

Anyone, anywhere, anytime who shares their faith will – as Jesus promised – find trouble in this world (John 16:33). However, Jesus also promised marvelous support and help for us by the Holy Spirit. read more

Two Tests of Authentic Discipleship – Luke 12:8-10 9/2/2014

Jesus laid down two tests of authentic discipleship. No matter how much someone’s life appears to be Christian, or how passionately that person claims to have faith, the person who fails either of these tests has no place in the heavenly kingdom. read more

Who You Fear Determines How You Live and What You Do – Luke 12:4-7 8/26/2014

Our God is to be feared, but every day he is there for us. The one with power over our lives even beyond death, loves us. Yes, live in awe and reverence of him, and then through all eternity be grateful for the God who notices every sparrow, counts ... read more

Living in WYSIWYG Mode – Luke 12:1-3 8/19/2014

Christians should live their lives in WYSIWYG mode. What people see in us should be what they get from us. The alternative is unacceptable to Jesus. Being different on the outside to how we are on the inside is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy has no ... read more

The Commander of the Army of the Lord – Joshua 5:13-15 8/12/2014

Perhaps the most critical moment for the Israelites – who had just entered into their Promised Land – came in a meeting just outside Jericho between their leader, Joshua, and a mysterious stranger. read more

Putting Right What Was Wrong – Joshua 5:2-12 8/5/2014

There are some times when going back to remedy matters is not possible. Circumstances can change or people aren’t available. But there are many times when God calls us to put right what we’ve done wrong. And we won’t be able to move forward ... read more