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Time for a U-turn – Haggai 1:7-11 6/3/2014

There is something deeply stubborn in most of us. We get set in our ways, and especially when we think we’re right, we keep doing what we’ve always done. But what if we’re not right? What if our decisions are misguided? What if our lives are ... read more

Misplaced Priorities – Haggai 1:3-6 5/27/2014

Christians are kind people, and our instinct is to let people off when they don’t fulfill their promises. We choose not to see or deal with their shortcomings. We don’t like to hold people to account, so we tolerate lack of commitment or ... read more

Molding God’s Will to Ours – Haggai 1:1-2 5/20/2014

God is not playdough, but sometimes we act as if he is. We shape his nature to be harsh or generous; we flex his standards to be what we want; we change his plans for our lives to fit our new circumstances. The Jews who were first to return to ... read more

‘Just Meddling?’ – Romans 1:28-32 5/13/2014

The second half of chapter 1 of Romans is sobering. God does not ignore sin, and the consequences of setting your face against God are serious. But Paul has not failed to stress that the gospel “is the power of God that brings salvation to ... read more

Abandoning God’s Way for Human Relationships – Romans 1:26-27 5/6/2014

At this early point in his letter to the Romans, Paul is giving examples of what happens when people abandon God’s ways. Three times in chapter one he uses the strong phrase, “God gave them over…” – God removing restraint and allowing ... read more

The Lie That Leads to Destruction – Romans 1:24-25 4/29/2014

Paul has begun to outline to the Romans the dreadful consequences for those who reject God and suppress the truth. They’re shutting God out from every part of their lives. Actually, they’re doing more than that. They aren’t just rejecting ... read more

Truth or a Lie – Matthew 28:11-15 4/22/2014

People just like us have a way of ignoring or denying inconvenient truths. In his gospel Matthew recorded what may be the greatest denial of truth ever in human history, and it happened just after the resurrection of Jesus. read more

The Agony of Gethsemane – Matthew 26:36-46 4/15/2014

Was Jesus’ crucifixion the most agonizing moment of his life? Surely it must have been. Death on a Roman cross was excruciating pain, and none of that was spared to Jesus. But perhaps, for Jesus, what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane was ... read more

Knowing God but Rejecting Him – Romans 1:18-23 4/8/2014

All those years ago, my friend John said: “Alistair, I can respect you for believing in God, but I can’t respect that you believe in God and do nothing about it.” That night John’s words sank deep into me. You cannot say something is ... read more

A Freedom We Did Not Deserve – Romans 1:17 4/1/2014

God makes us right with himself. He is a good and wonderful God and that has been shown supremely in the gift of his Son, in the gospel that brings salvation. God invites us into a relationship. He faithfully, constantly gives his love to us, ... read more