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The Agony of Gethsemane – Matthew 26:36-46 4/15/2014

Was Jesus’ crucifixion the most agonizing moment of his life? Surely it must have been. Death on a Roman cross was excruciating pain, and none of that was spared to Jesus. But perhaps, for Jesus, what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane was ... read more

Knowing God but Rejecting Him – Romans 1:18-23 4/8/2014

All those years ago, my friend John said: “Alistair, I can respect you for believing in God, but I can’t respect that you believe in God and do nothing about it.” That night John’s words sank deep into me. You cannot say something is ... read more

A Freedom We Did Not Deserve – Romans 1:17 4/1/2014

God makes us right with himself. He is a good and wonderful God and that has been shown supremely in the gift of his Son, in the gospel that brings salvation. God invites us into a relationship. He faithfully, constantly gives his love to us, ... read more

Not Ashamed of the Gospel – Romans 1:16 3/25/2014

Verse 16 of Romans 1 is the John 3:16 verse of Paul’s writings. Maybe the “God so loved the world” verse of John’s gospel can’t be rivaled for being memorable and loved, but this verse comes close. read more

The Obligation of Mission to All People – Romans 1:14-15 3/18/2014

The very first Christians were all Jews, and a significant number struggled to believe the gospel was for more than the Jews. They had been brought up to give thanks that they were not born Gentiles. Israel was the people of God. Why then, they ... read more

Giving, Getting, Growing – Romans 1:11-13 3/11/2014

Often we think we’ll be giving and find that we’re getting, and if we’re open to both giving and getting then the kingdom will be growing. Paul, the writer of Romans, knew that very well. read more

Reputation and Remembrance – Romans 1:8-10 3/4/2014

There are two highlights in this passage. One is the immense compliment Paul pays to these Romans about their faith in verse 8 – it is being “reported all over the world.” The other is how much Paul keeps praying for the Romans. He says in ... read more

You is His, You is Loved, You is Special – Romans 1:6-7 2/25/2014

In the 2011 movie, The Help, one of the most touching scenes comes early on when the black maid, Aibileen Clark, whispers to the young white girl in her care, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” The little girl, Mae Mobley, repeats ... read more

A Focused Ministry and a Clear Purpose - Romans 1:5 2/18/2014

All ministry is given by God, and all ministry is for Jesus. How does our life of service compare to the ministry of Paul: in our sense of calling and our sense of focus? He was very clear who had given him his apostleship, and he was very clear ... read more

A New Schedule Going Forward 2/17/2014

As we enter a second year in the Bible Study series, new posts each week will move to Tuesday. read more