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Don’t Look Backwards When You’re Going Forwards – Acts 1:10-11 9/2/2013

The apostles staring into the sky feared Jesus' going to heaven was the end. It was far from the end. One day he would come back just as obviously but far more gloriously than he had left, and meantime there was much to do so that many would ... read more

The Ascension – Acts 1: 9 8/26/2013

The moment of Jesus’ return to heaven looked dreadful. The truth was very different. It was actually the beginning of the best of times. read more

Dynamic Power – Acts 1:8 8/19/2013

Jesus' words in Acts 1:8 put disciples to work on the greatest, most important, eternally significant task ever set before men and women. But his words must have seemed almost ludicrous when Jesus uttered them. It must have been overwhelming and ... read more

None of Your Business – Acts 1:6-7 8/12/2013

There are moments when God gives the ‘none of your business’ answer to questions we ask. With our limited ability to understand why God does what he does, the answer “That’s not for you to know” is often the right one for u read more

When Evangelism was Banned - Acts 1:4-5 8/5/2013

There is one time in the New Testament when evangelism was banned. The disciples were told they must not reach out to anyone with the gospel. That sounds so odd, so wrong. Usually people are urged to tell the good news, so when were disciples ... read more

Many Convincing Proofs – Acts 1:3 7/29/2013

From a cynic’s point of view, our faith seems strange. Christians trust in a God they have never seen, believe the death of his Son two thousand years ago removes their sin today, listen for the Holy Spirit’s voice to guide them with words that ... read more

There is a Man in Heaven – Acts 1:2 7/22/2013

Jesus took our humanity to heaven, the first of all of us who will one day find a place with our Heavenly Father. But his work was not finished on earth, so to this day he chooses men and women just like us as he reaches out to the lost and cares ... read more

The Story of the Unfinished Work of Jesus - Acts 1:1 7/15/2013

The book we call The Acts of the Apostles may be the most misnamed book in the New Testament because the author was never writing about the work of the first Christians. It is the story of the church, not about what men or women were able to ... read more

Don’t Die in Harran – Genesis 11:31-32 7/8/2013

No-one can know for sure what was in Terah’s heart and how much he had heard from God. But what we do know is that Terah meant to go to Canaan but stopped short at Harran and eventually died while still there. We also know that every Christian ... read more

Be a Disciple – 2 Timothy 2:1-7 7/1/2013

Discipleship cannot be reduced to a formula. Being a Christian and loving, following, and serving Jesus has many facets and there will always be new challenges. There is no single formula for success. But, all that being said, the first seven ... read more