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There is a Man in Heaven – Acts 1:2 7/22/2013

Jesus took our humanity to heaven, the first of all of us who will one day find a place with our Heavenly Father. But his work was not finished on earth, so to this day he chooses men and women just like us as he reaches out to the lost and cares ... read more

The Story of the Unfinished Work of Jesus - Acts 1:1 7/15/2013

The book we call The Acts of the Apostles may be the most misnamed book in the New Testament because the author was never writing about the work of the first Christians. It is the story of the church, not about what men or women were able to ... read more

Don’t Die in Harran – Genesis 11:31-32 7/8/2013

No-one can know for sure what was in Terah’s heart and how much he had heard from God. But what we do know is that Terah meant to go to Canaan but stopped short at Harran and eventually died while still there. We also know that every Christian ... read more

Be a Disciple – 2 Timothy 2:1-7 7/1/2013

Discipleship cannot be reduced to a formula. Being a Christian and loving, following, and serving Jesus has many facets and there will always be new challenges. There is no single formula for success. But, all that being said, the first seven ... read more

The Victory is God’s - 1 Samuel 17:41-53 6/24/2013

This last section of our look at the story of David and Goliath is far from pleasant. Thousands of violent deaths took place that day. But there are important lessons here. read more

Signs of a Leader – 1 Samuel 17:27-40 6/17/2013

David would become the greatest king Israel ever had, a remarkable leader among his people. Were the signs of leadership obvious in his youth? Did people see his potential? The answer becomes clear in today’s study. read more

Great as God Judges Great – 1 Samuel 17:17-26 6/10/2013

So, what makes someone great? All of those seven things can do that: • Physical strength • Better technology • Social standing and wealth • Dominating personality • Age and experience • Superior ideas • Tact and wisdom And ... read more

Facing Annihilation – 1 Samuel 17:1-16 6/3/2013

Sometimes we feel the cause for which we stand is already lost. Saul and the Israelites did. But it wasn’t lost. Their battle wasn’t over and our battle isn’t over. We are not defeated. We have a God who is never defeated, and he will show a ... read more

What God Begins, He Completes – Romans 5:9-11 5/27/2013

By the death of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, God has reconciled us now and forever to him. This is good news. This is great news. This is the most wonderful news there has ever been. read more

Amazing Love – Romans 5:6-8 5/20/2013

We do not deserve eternal life, but Jesus not only risked but gave his life that we might live. read more