Master of Arts Theology and Mission

The Master of Arts in Theology and Mission equips you for local and sustainable mission by offering a strong biblical and theological base for engaging in God’s mission and for leading a community on mission.


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Innovative Program

Leading a church in mission is difficult, requiring more of pastors than the maintenance of activities. Beyond the skills of preaching, teaching, counseling and evangelism, pastors need the skills of theological reflection, cultural analysis, and building local community.

This program includes all the courses in Bible, Church History, and Theology that you need, but goes further. You will develop the theological, ethnographic, missiological, and leadership skills necessary to be a missionary pastor in the North American mission field.


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You might also be interested in our “Theology & Mission Lectureship” with Stanley Hauerwas (free gift with registration), or our free ebook, “Why Seminary? 10 Reasons”.



Do the MA in Theology and Mission from anywhere!

WebsiteHeader3The MA in Theology and Mission is one of the first cohort model Masters programs to be launched via our Live-Streaming technology. Smart classroom technology enables you to interact with our premier faculty and engage in Northern’s vibrant classroom experience without leaving your faith community. Click here for more details.

Innovative Pricing

This program offers an innovative price structure especially suited for a new kind of pastoral leader. Through scholarships available to qualified students, the cost of the program will be substantially lower than most Masters Degrees in theology.

Innovative Content

The classes for the MATM are specifically chosen to nurture the skills of theological reflection and cultural engagement.

Program Courses:

  • Mission-Shaped Church – MN 433
  • Sexual Ethics and the Family – TE 417
  • Christianity and Pluralism – TH 406
  • Ethnography, Evangelism and Mission – ME 430
  • Discerning the Triune God – TH 431
  • Contextual Theology – TH 423
  • Two Special Topics in Missional Theology (MN 307/8)

Core Courses:

  • The Pentateuch (OT 301)
  • The Former Prophets (OT 302)
  • Jesus and the Gospels (NT 301)
  • Paul’s Letters and Acts (NT 302)
  • Letters to the Early Churches (NT 303)
  • History of Christianity I (CH 301)
  • History of Christianity II (CH 302
  • Christian Theology I (TH 301)
  • Christian Theology II (TH 302)
  • Theology of Church and Culture (TH 303)
  • Masters Thesis – write an integrative paper as well as a research paper on a theology and mission topic.

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Innovative Schedule

The classes for the MATM will be offered on Mondays in the afternoon and evening, and online, requiring students to be in class only one day a week to complete the course requirements.


Innovative Mentorship

In addition to its innovative content and cost, the Master of Arts in Theology and Mission will offer pastoral and theological mentoring throughout the program. David Fitch, other Northern faculty, and guest practitioners will regularly interact with the MATM cohort enabling all students to integrate classroom studies with real-life situations.

Uniqueness of Program

Affordable: LOW monthly payment plan for those qualifying for scholarships

Local: Be part of a growing community of theologian-practitioners by remaining in your local ministry context while pursuing this degree through coming to campus once a week.

Mentoring: Theological and Ministry Mentoring with David Fitch (monthly integration meetings)

Faculty: First class faculty in Old and New Testament, Theology, and Ministry courses: David Fitch, Scot McKight, Cherith Fee Nordling, Claude Mariottini, Robert Price.

Lectureship: Once a year we will have a world class missional thinker give open lectures on theology and mission that will double as a class

Why pursue this Masters of Arts instead of an MDiv?

This Master of Arts in Theology and Mission provides a base of academic work that will be useful for completing an M.Div or for pursuing further academic work (Th.M or Ph.D). The MATM is a practically grounded academic degree building upon the ministerial skills you already have and preparing you for ministry contexts that are rapidly coming.

Or, do both! Dual-Degree Option

Students can enroll concurrently in the MDiv and the Master of Arts in Theology & Mission. A maximum of 27 quarter hours may count towards both degrees, resulting in a total number of 138 credit hours for both degrees. This dual degree option has a reduced per-credit tuition rate if the student takes the MA courses in the cohort sequence.

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