A New Kind of Preacher

Isaiah 43:19: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”

At Northern Seminary, we strive to follow the Lord’s vision and join in the work He is already doing in the world. When the Lilly Foundation approached Dr. Michael Quicke about joining their Strengthening the Quality of Preaching Initiative, it was clear that this was an opportunity we did not want to miss. Through this initiative, Dr. Quicke developed the vision of A New Kind of Preacher (NKP).

The NKP program offers a chance to perceive the new thing that God is doing in order to bring renewal to preaching. For a new kind of preacher, renewal does not come from the outside. Rather, it comes from within – from rediscovering who we are as God’s servants, called to proclaim His word to His people. Therefore, the NKP program does not focus on preaching mechanics and delivery. Instead, it takes a more holistic approach and emphasizes the person of the preacher.


Annual Preaching Forum  

There are two ways you can be involved with becoming A New Kind of Preacher:


Annual Preaching Forum

The NKP preaching forum is held every fall as a time of reflection, learning, connection, and renewal. All pastors (senior, associate, youth, worship, etc.) and students are welcome to join us for worship, teaching, and conversation.

For more information about past topics, forum schedule, and registration, visit the Forum Page here.


Peer Learning Groups

Many pastors feel isolated and unsupported once they graduate from seminary. It is often difficult to find others who understand ministry and share the same struggles and passions. For those who desire a safe space of learning and connection, we offer Peer Learning Group (PLGs). Members of a PLG commit to two years in the program and pay $1,000 for the entire program. In this time, members will learn how to embrace and live the vision of becoming a NKP. Benefits of being in a PLG include:

  • Guidance from trained facilitators.
  • Accountability, support, and connection with fellow pastors.
  • Opportunity to apply new learning in your context.
  • Advance access to brand-new resources created by renowned homiletician Dr. Michael Quicke.
  • Continuing education units.


Dr. Gary G. Hayles, NKP Director

Dr. Hayles’ prolific and practical preaching voice helps develop and equip God’s people to understand their promise, their calling, and their purpose in the Kingdom of God. He is a native of Cleveland and is the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Bible Church. He holds advanced degrees from both Cincinnati Bible Seminary and San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and received a Doctorate of Ministry from United Theological Seminary in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions


NKP Facilitator Application


NKP Participant Application



Video from 2016 Preaching Forum – First Session, Paul Allen


Other Footage from the Preaching Forum 2016:

Keynote Session, Michael Quicke
Keynote Session, Lauren Visser
Third Session, Greg Armstrong & Lauren Visser

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