The Last Flight

By: Northern Seminary

It has been an exhilarating and an exhausting journey. A little over 30 hours ago we were visiting a Maasai village near the southern border of Kenya. Now we are boarding our final flight from Dulles to O’Hare. We are all — as we would call it in my family — “crispy critters”. We may not look our best, and doubtless we do not smell our best. But we give thanks to God for many miles safely travelled with no major illness or even mechanical breakdowns. We have already said goodbye to the Doigs in Addis Ababa (along with one of their suitcases which never showed up), and Pastor Cary has said goodbye as he left for his home in Maryland. Lord willing, we will be greeting our families (and getting some showers) in just a few more hours.

This will not be my last post yet. Once I have a chance to sort my photos, I will share a few more of our adventures along with pictures. Thank you for your prayers!

July 1, 2012

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