With a Wing and a Prayer

By: Northern Seminary

Alison went shopping in Whole Foods.  That was not a new experience.  Chicken was not on her list for purchase but chicken wings were on special offer so in they went to the shopping cart.

On her way back to the car, Alison checked through her receipt.  One item was missing: the chicken wings.  She had not been charged.  Back into the store, where Alison was directed to Customer Service.

The assistant looked at the receipt and then at Alison. Surprise was written all over his face.  “You’re right.  You’ve not been charged.”  Then with a smile, “Have them on us!”

Most would leave the store quickly before the assistant could change his mind.  Not Alison.  “Are you sure?” she asked, not wanting to take advantage.

“Madam, we almost never get anyone coming back trying to pay more.  I’m sure.  Have them on us.”

Alison thanked him, and walked away integrity intact and with a quiet prayer of thanks.   Shortly Alison and I will eat our wings with culinary delight and a clean conscience.

But, I wonder, does no-one else ever check their receipt?  Or should I just be sad that very few would go back to correct a mistake that was not in their favor?

October 21, 2013

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