2019 NS Annual Report



Thanks to all families, foundations and special donors, we were able to achieve several key advances at Northern Seminary as we work to Lead the Church and Engage the World. Like the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus took your gifts and multiplied their impact.

  • Increased enrollment another 9% with students from 36 states and 7 countries.
  • Expanded to 18 accredited degree programs at the Masters and Doctoral Level
  • Announced a new Doctor of Theological Ministry program designed for students who want to pursue doctoral studies without completing an M.Div.
  • Awarded $276,000 in scholarships, an increase of 40% over last year
  • Provided scholarships to women (51%) and persons of color (53%)
  • Launched a 5-year Bachelor of Arts in and Master of Divinity in partnership with Trinity Christian College. College students now may obtain their education with minimal debt and greater collaboration with other institutions and churches.
  • Launched a new Master of Arts in Christian Community Development from the Lawndale Center. We train more than 20 Pastors throughout the country.
  • Conferred Certificates of Ministry to 186 Pastors in Kenya through our Africa Pastoral Training Institute
  • Graduated 26 students, many of whom already are serving in ministry, equipping them with skills for today’s changing church landscape. Post graduation, 65% of those graduates are serving in pastoral roles.
  • Provided a life-changing “Faith and Finance” course that has helped lower student debt and increased giving in local churches.
  • Opened the Greater Cincinnati Center to bring Northern Seminary to students who would benefit from training. A special women’s conference drew more than 100 participants to the center where many expressed interest in receiving further training.
  • Sponsored a Resource Conference for churches with 200 in attendance or smaller with the Great Rivers Region of ABC and Judson University. Topics covered included how to bridge the intergenerational gap and helping people in the church discuss key issues of faith and finance.
  • We ended our fiscal year meeting our budgetary goals. We are grateful to you and God for meeting those needs.


At Northern Seminary, students minister in diverse cultures. With your support, Northern equips each of our students to lead the church and engage the world on the frontlines of their unique ministry settings. Kellye Fabian already held a law degree and a full-time ministry position at Willow Creek Community Church
(Illinois), when she began her Master of Arts in New Testament program in 2016. Her theology classes and students in her program cohort have encouraged, challenged and informed her as an author and a church leader.


William D. Shiell
President, Northern Seminary

In 2018, Kellye became Willow Creek’s Pastor of Protection, Conciliation and Doctrinal Casework and authored Sacred Questions: A Transformative Journey Through the Bible. Now scheduled to graduate May 2020, Kellye reflects, “I went into seminary with one view of things and that’s been shifted. The Foundation that I have is much firmer now. My theology is driving my practice.”Leaders at the Park Community Church in San Antonio, Texas, say pursuing their Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission (MATM) through Northern Seminary shaped how they carryout ministry now.

“Our experience at Northern Seminary has reinforced a deep conviction that the Church is supposed to be local, highly relational and movemental,” explains Scott Austin, a Park Community Church pastor and a Northern Seminary MATM student.

These San Antonio leaders have adopted a parish ministry a place small enough for each member to be known intimately and involve every person in ministry. Please pray for their ongoing outreach.

To learn more about the MATM program,
click here.

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