5 Reasons I’m Going to SheLeads

By: Geoffrey Holsclaw

Always Been Leading

Women have always been leading God’s people. From the very beginning it has been this way.

From Miriam, to Hannah, to Mary the mother of God, to Mary the first theologian, and on to the present day, women are leading the church.

But too often this reality if obscured, forgotten, or denied. And that is exactly why we need a one-day summit like SheLeads on October 28th.

By Why Should Men Come? 5 Reasons

With a name like SheLeads it isn’t immediately clear why men should come. Or at least, it isn’t immediate clear TO MEN why men should come.

Here are 6 reasons that I think men should definitely come (and please add your own in the comments).

  1. The motivation is mission.

    Too often when it comes to discussion of women and men in leadership everything gets bogged down who makes decisions, who is in charge, and who calls the shots.  Things can get pretty heated pretty quickly. And then any sense of God’s mission in the world is lost as people fight over what Bible verse says what.

    But that is not the case with SheLeads. Everything is squarely centered on God’s mission in the world.

  2. God made us all to work together.

    We everything is all about mission, then the emphasis is on how we work together.  Women and men working together are witness to God’s kingdom in the world, to God’s creative design of co-laboring amid differences.  In a world still straight-jacketed by gender oppression and inequality, women and men working together is a witness that God’s liberating mission is truly going forth into the world.

  3. It is good to reverse perspectives.

    It is easy for us men—especially a white man like myself—to think we have a pretty good grasp of things. And we think this because everyone else—women and people of color—all adapt themselves to us.  They have to know the world of white men.  But their is no “world” of experience that we have to know except our own.

    But this is not a good thing. It means there are huge chunks of reality that we are missing, that we are blind to. And how are we going to fix that?  But reverse our perspective, by getting out of our shoes and living in someone else’s for a bit.  That is what SheLeads can do for us.

  4. Because we want to offer encouragement and support.

    Once understand that we are created work together, and once we see the need to reverse our perspective, then wouldn’t we want to know how to effectively encourage and support our sisters as we minister alongside them? Of course we do.

    SheLeads is the perfect place to learn exactly how to do this in a community that is all about encouragement and support, not condemnation or shame.

  5. Because there are such good people there.

    And lastly, but also one of the main reasons—everyone is just so great to be around.  Really, these people are AWESOME!

Check it out

Learn more about the speaker and leaders about SheLeads here as Mandy Smith interviews them.

And SheLeads is also the book launch for Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry by Tara Beth Leach (everyone get a copy with their registration).  Hear more about Tara Beth and Scot McKnight as they talk about women leading in the church.

I’ll be attend in Chicago. I hope to see you there.

October 9, 2017

Geoffrey Holsclaw

Affiliate Professor of Theology, and Director of the Master of Arts in Theology and Mission Program

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