A New Horizon and Expectation for New Kind of Preacher

By: Northern Seminary

“But when they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some other believers before the city officials, shouting: “These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here, and Jason has welcomed them into his house. They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus.” Acts 17:6-7 NIV

“These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here,” is a unique and transformative passage of Acts that describes the trajectory and current status of the New Kind of Preacher program.

The NKP program has expanded geographically. We are currently in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, Virginia and three of our larger groups in the Chicago area. The NKP program has grown numerically with groups and Pastoral leaders who are committed to both self and pastoral discovery. This allows the peer group learning experience to be investigative and inspirational. Much like the leaders did in Acts, the NKP program has grown and is causing a disturbance around the nation in the hearts and minds of the NKP Leaders and Pastors. Self-evaluation in the areas of ministry and their personal lives, has caused Pastors and Leaders to begin making positive changes in both areas respectively. Our groups, regardless of size, have assimilated from workbooks to worship and witnessing within the context of their own individual relationships with God and other Pastors and Leaders.

What is really happening? The meeting times with our groups have become a new environment of empowerment for Pastors and Leaders to grow personally and critically analyze their purpose on earth. Many NKP leaders and participants initially became involved in the program under the false assumption that they would be meeting with peers to learn new preaching techniques. However, as a result of the program, they have become new preachers due to building new relationships and restoring self-value within the confines of their ministries.

I would like to highlight two groups. The first being the smallest NKP group led by Pastor Trevor K. Phillips in Cincinnati, Ohio. This group is full of passion and purpose which carries over into their meetings. They have been intentional about rediscovering the purpose of their call to ministry. I believe the NKP program birthed an opportunity for them to restart their ministry journey with a new and fresh approach within themselves and consequently, their churches.

The second group I want to highlight is our newest and largest group made up of women Pastors. This group is not highlighted because of gender but rather due to their excitement and expectation in pursuing seminary education. The opportunity to participate in the NKP program has allowed this group to be further equipped to change and impact a new generation.

The NKP program has experienced growth beyond our expectations both exponentially and geographically. It is currently serving a community of new Pastors that will emerge as newly transformed leaders, prepared to turn the world upside down.

“The New Kind of Preacher Program has proven to make a great impact in the lives of those participating in my group. My group consists of licensed ministers and ordained pastors. The initial expectation of the participants was that their preaching styles and techniques would be critiqued and developed. However, when we began discussing Michael Quicke’s books and taking a personal in-depth look at our ministries, the expectations quickly changed. Realizing the importance of our personal participation in our ministry careers has helped to humble each person. It has caused those in the group to understand why personal worship, development and accountability are important in building a strong Kingdom focused ministry foundation. Each person has come to understand that in the process of developing and growing a church, the Pastor or Leader must not fail to continue to grow and develop individually as well. 

As a result of meeting together, the NKP participants in my group have gained a deeper understanding of their true purpose in ministry. Love for the call to ministry has been rekindled and they have gained a deeper understanding of the impact they have been purposed and positioned to make in the Kingdom.”

– New Kind of Preacher Leader Elder Kathy Wilfong


July 25, 2019

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