Community Standards

Every Christian believer is called by God’s grace into sanctified living to become more Christ-like in holiness. Especially because a seminary seeks to develop leaders for the Church, we hold one another to high standards in our work, study, relationships, and ministry, seeking to develop spiritual maturity that evidences the fruit of the Spirit. Commitment to right living in Christ produces a radical common witness to God’s power at work to redeem, restore, and empower God’s people in God’s mission to transform the world.

Christian formation and community are core values of Northern Seminary and are, therefore, foundational to these Standards.  All members of the community-employees, students, board members, and residents-are called to respect one another in regard to diversity of denomination, ethnicity, culture, and calling.  All members are expected to refrain from behavior which Scripture forbids, including sexual misconduct (sexual relations outside of marriage, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, same-gender sexual relations, use of pornography), theft, academic or personal dishonesty, substance abuse, misuse of property, threats to health and safety of others, physical or emotional abuse (including intimidation or bullying), misogyny, financial irresponsibility, disrespect to seminary employees and students, or violation of housing rules and campus regulations.  These behaviors destroy community and the personal wholeness which Christ purchased through his life, death, and resurrection.  

The Seminary may deny admission, place on probation, suspend, expel, withhold a degree, terminate employment, or take other action in response to personal conduct outside of these Standards.  Please refer to the Northern Seminary Catalog, Faculty Handbook, Employee Handbook, or Student Housing Manual for policy statements governing institutional disciplinary processes.

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