The Grow Center for Church and Mission recently launched the ALS Family of Faith, to provide Christ-centered counseling and support services to people living with ALS, their families and their caregivers. When a person comes to, they can get connected to a counselor or chaplain who has been equipped to walk with them through this difficult season, all through a biblical lens. A generous donor is subsidizing the cost, so this service is of no cost to those living with ALS and their communities.

Currently, the program is offered to people in Illinois. Because licensed counselors can only operate in the state in which they are licensed, we are hoping to identify counselors (licensed and those under supervision), chaplains, and clergy in each state to be available if and when someone reaches out from their respective state. At present, all sessions are virtual due to COVID and additional flexibility.

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The Commitment

The time commitment would differ, dependent upon the need of the client, but they would be connected to you to set up 50-minute sessions to talk, process, be encouraged and pray. The frequency of these sessions would be determined by you and the client, according to their needs and availability. You would be provided with a 2-hour in-service prior to seeing any clients, as well as access to social workers who work with the ALS Association, to ensure you are equipped with the specific needs of the ALS community.

The Compensation

If you were to participate, you would be compensated at $30 for each session. You would submit a monthly invoice to the Grow Center for the sessions you conduct during that month, and would be compensated accordingly.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Sarah Martel Lee