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New Anglican Studies Program at Northern Seminary

Lead the Church, Engage the World with an Anglican Ethos

Northern Seminary’s new Anglican Studies Program (with certificate and degree options) begins Spring 2018, through a partnership with The Telos Collective, an initiative of The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). The Anglican Studies Program is designed to serve the academic and formational requirements of students preparing for Anglican ministry, lay and especially ordained.

In this program, students will engage the Anglican history, theology, and practice that offers pastors, church planters, and lay ministers a huge treasure chest of tools for contemporary evangelism and spiritual formation. The program provides a practical foundation for ministry with an Anglican ethos.

The Anglican Studies Program features the Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter, Bishop of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. A popular author, speaker and adjunct professor, Hunter is also founder of The Telos Collective, a task force to equip Anglicans to engage culture with the gospel.

Courses will be taught by a group of distinguished professors, including:

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter, Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others
  • Dr. Dennis Okholm, Azusa Pacific University
  • Dr. Winfield Bevins, Asbury Seminary
  • Dr. Emily McGowin, Wheaton College
  • Dr. Tony Baron, Azusa Pacific University

Each year Northern Seminary hosts the Intersection Conference of the Telos Collective, a conference for missional Anglicans interested in engaging culture. The conference presents hands-on learning opportunities with several faculty members. Attendees will have the chance to earn three credits toward an Anglican Studies Certificate, Master’s degree, or Doctor of Ministry degree.

Other Anglican Studies courses include: Anglican Theology & Ecclesiology, Anglican History and Spirituality, Anglican Pastoral Leadership: Parish & Priest, and Anglican Mission.

Click HERE for the syllabus for the 2019 Intersection Conference.

Open to Students Across the Country

Northern’s classes are delivered to students across the country via our state-of-the-art interactive live-streaming technology called “Northern Live.” With Northern’s smart classroom technology, you can interact with the professors and other students no matter where you live. Now you can earn a certificate or degree in Anglican Studies without leaving your community and ministry context. The Telos Collective classes involve travel to the annual conferences.

Certificate (for Master’s credit or not-for-credit)

The first class begins Winter 2019.

  • Anglican Pastoral Leadership: Parish & Priest (Winter 2019)
  • Anglican History & Spirituality (Summer 2019)
  • Anglican Theology & Ecclesiology (Fall 2019)
  • Anglican Mission
  • One Telos Collective Conference (2019 Syllabus)

Master of Arts with Specialization in Anglican Studies
Students will take our Christian Heritage core of OT, NT, Theology, Culture, and Church History (27 quarter hours), and the remainder of the degree would be the following Anglican Studies courses (27 quarter hours):

  • Anglican Pastoral Leadership: Parish & Priest (Winter 2019)
  • Anglican History & Spirituality (Summer 2019)
  • Anglican Theology & Ecclesiology (Fall 2019)
  • Anglican Mission
  • Telos Collective Conference: Engaging Culture (Spring 2018)
  • Telos Collective Conference: Missional Ecclesiology (Spring 2019) (Syllabus Here)
  • Telos Collective Conference: Missional Leadership (Spring 2020)
  • Telos Collective Conference: God’s Empowering Presence (Spring 2021)
  • Thesis

Click here for an updated Progress Report.

MA students will begin in Fall 2018 with NT 301 Jesus & the Gospels (Tuesday 7:00pm CT).

The coursework for the MA with specialization in Anglican Studies can be completed in three years with the cohort sequence of one to two classes per quarter. Students may complete earlier as live-streaming classes are available. The Thesis may be completed either in the final year of courses or in the following year.

DMin with Specialization in Anglican Studies
Students will take Northern’s three core DMin classes (Becoming Doctors of the Church, Biblical and Theological Method, and Thesis Design), along with four courses in Anglican Studies.

  • Anglican Pastoral Leadership: Parish & Priest (Winter 2019)
  • Anglican History & Spirituality (Summer 2019)
  • Anglican Theology & Ecclesiology (Fall 2019)
  • Anglican Mission

The Anglican Studies program offers a unique pricing structure designed for Anglican leaders and practitioners. The cost of the program is substantially lower than most seminary degrees and is paid as monthly installments over the course of your program. In addition, Master’s students who apply for Northern financial aid may qualify for up to a 20% scholarship. 

Rates for 2017-18
Certificate $750 per class + fees
Certificate with Master’s Credit $1,518 per class + fees
Master of Arts $25,000 *scholarships available up to 20%
Master of Arts via Northern Live $27,000 *scholarships available up to 20%
Doctor of Ministry $19,900


For more information or to get started:

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