Getting real

Lots of people live in denial of hard realities. Some overspend with no idea how they’ll pay their debts. Some adopt life-threatening habits as if they’ll escape the consequences. Some drive at crazy speeds hoping there’s no camera carrying cop up ahead.

My denial has to do with time. It’s the almost honorable sin of committing yourself to more than you can do. Pastors are infamous for this. With the best of intentions they promise to do this, write that, be there, but there aren’t enough hours in the day when it could all happen.

I make that mistake often. And this is one of those times. In the next twenty days, I have two state-wide Baptist conferences to speak at on different sides of the country, plus be guest preacher at an Illinois church, and then finish a major project on Northern Seminary’s governance documents.

I have to get real. I must take a short break from the weekly Bible study post which has been appearing on Northern’s web site for two and a half years. I am very sorry, and apologize to all who follow those studies with me. Thank you for your patience.

Keep your eyes open on the web site, for I look forward to sharing more Bible studies with you as soon as possible.

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