Cincinnati Center Ribbon Cutting, September 22, 2018

“As soon as the announcement was made, I knew I was coming to Northern.”

FAIRFIELD, OHIO. Northern Seminary and Tabernacle Bible Church City of Promise consecrated the Greater Cincinnati Center on Saturday, September 22. Before the ribbon cutting ceremony began, students and attendees looked over the short white wall into  the renovated area of Tabernacle Bible Church City of Promise: a classroom outfitted with over $75,000 of Northern Live technology, desks, chairs and resources.

Javonda Curtis, a Cincinnati student in the Master of Arts in Christian Community Development program, reflected on her previous education. While enrolled in a masters program at a local Christian seminary, she began to seek other options to continue her studies. Around that time, Bishop of Tabernacle Bible Church City of Promise and Northern Seminary adjunct professor Bishop Gary Hayles, announced the launch of the Greater Cincinnati Center. Javonda commented with a smile on her face, “As soon as the announcement was made, I knew I was coming to Northern.”

Other students echoed the same confidence. Sheva Stephens, a student in the Master of Arts in New Testament program, spoke of the struggle she worked through in deciding to enroll. Sheva recently completed a Masters in Science and thought she was finished with her education. Upon the announcement, she felt God pulling on her to study. After some push back from Sheva, God responded, “You did it your way, now it’s time to do it my way.”

Isaiah McKinney, a local pastor and student in the Christian Community Development program, commented on the impact his education will have on his church and his community. Clearly grasping the vision, Isaiah plans on training his staff and congregation, equipping them to transform their community. Isaiah noted that this education was as much for everyone around him, as it was for him.

Each person expressed gratitude for the opportunity to study so close to home and to enroll at Northern Seminary.

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