Northern Centers Provide You With the Community and Resources You Need


Northern Seminary is home to a number of world-class centers, each with their own mission, vision, and leadership.

At Northern, we understand that the call of God is different in each person and that the fullness of the Church must include all of us —those of every background, race, gender, and geographical or cultural context — serving where God has placed us. Therefore, Northern is committed to helping you flourish in every stage of life and in every ministry context. Whether you are pastoring a local church, serving in the marketplace, leading as a women in ministry, or focusing on urban or justice-related ministries, we have a place for you.

Our various Centers are connection points for you to be on mission with God and others who have a similar calling. We invite you to check them out and discover resources, events, and community that will help you in whatever stage of life you are in.

Center for Women in Leadership

 The Center for Women in Leadership (CWL) equips women, in a context that is biblically rooted, theologically robust, and ethnically diverse, to thrive as leaders in the church, the workplace, the academy, and the public square. It is led by Dr. Lynn Cohick.

Center for Theological Integrity

 The Center for Theological Integrity (CTI) helps churches and church leaders to explore the relationship between doctrine and practice. CTI believes in an integrated relationship between praxis and dogma, between what we do and what we believe. It is led by Dr. Mark Quanstrom.

Grow Center for Church and Mission

The Grow Center for Church and Mission impacts the kingdom through entrepreneurial endeavors. It is led by Tommy Lee. 

Lawndale Center

The Lawndale Center for Christian Community Development, operated in partnership with Lawndale Community Church. It is located in Lawndale, IL, USA.

Lisle Center

The Lisle Center is the flagship center of Northern Seminary and hosts the administrative offices and the majority of our twice-a-year in-person cohort learning communities.