Church-Based Training

Northern Seminary partners with churches to train and equip their emerging leaders. We believe the best way to learn ministry leadership is in a ministry context.

Our new MDiv and MA in Christian Ministries programs are available to students across the country through two cutting-edge forms of education: interactive live-streaming classes (Northern Live) and mentored learning in context. Students study and practice the skills of effective ministry leadership under the supervision of a faculty mentor at Northern and a pastoral mentor on site.

The curriculum is adaptable in these ways:

  • Northern can customize a program for a group of students in your church or ministry context.
  • Northern can wrap around your existing church-based training program so that students can earn a Master’s degree.
  • Through mentored guidance, each student’s learning journey can be personalized to address their particular ministry goals and context.

How can we come alongside you to train and equip your developing leaders? Contact Northern here to learn more about church-based training partnerships and how we can develop a program that meets your church’s particular needs.

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