Church Planting Institute

Equipping Church Planters to Lead the Church and Engage the World
An Innovative Church Planting Partnership through Northern Seminary

Planting churches in North America requires a new imagination for ministry, a new engagement with culture, and a new process for evangelism and discipleship. This cannot be developed simply by reading books or attending seminars. It requires deep relationships between those engaged in planting these kinds of churches.


This institute is not:

Just another weekend training program to fix all your church planting problems.
Just another retreat offering a “foolproof” strategy for church planting success.




An opportunity to learn through sustained coaching and training designed to help you create the leadership character and ministry competencies necessary for planting sustainable churches.


Reserve your spot now.
Deadline extended to Friday, Sept. 22



Only church planters (those planting or preparing to plant) and church-planting churches are invited into this exclusive cohort. Week by week and month by month, this group will receive training, coaching and mentoring specifically focused on the mission of planting impactful and sustainable churches in North America.


Experience a life on mission

  • Develop personal rhythms of the spiritual life
  • Develop a life exhibiting grace and truth
  • Develop a life recognizing God at work

Cultivate a church on mission

  • Develop multiplying discipleship structures
  • Develop ability to lead teams and communities
  • Develop ministry skills such as discipleship, evangelism, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, etc.

Explore the context of mission

  • Develop skills in reading the neighborhood
  • Develop ability to engage local cultures creatively


Weekly Training in Missional Leadership

A 9-month training program in the paradigms, postures and practice of seeing God at work in the world and helping others join this work. Consisting of groups of five to seven people, this training is a combination of teaching, coaching and mentoring.

This weekly training moves through three specific modules:

  • Paradigms: Discovering ways of interpreting your life on mission as Jesus did.
  • Postures: Learning to lead by inhabiting the way of mission as Jesus did.
  • Practices: Immersion in the tools for incarnating the gospel in and through our lives.

Monthly Learning Lab in Churches for the 21st Century

Once a month, the entire cohort will participate in an interactive learning lab led by Dr. David Fitch. These will be two-way, live-streaming experiences gathering all the participants from around the country into a collaborative environment for discussion of essential aspects of church planting in Northern America.

10 Topics and Dates for Monthly Learning Labs:

  • The History of Modern Church Planting (Oct. 7th)
  • Making Space for Mission: How we engage culture (Nov. 11th)
  • The Three Circles: Learning to be present to the community (Dec. 2nd)
  • Practices and Beliefs: Ecclesiology for church plants (Jan. 6th)
  • The Rhythm of a Neighborhood Engagement (Feb. 3rd)
  • The Challenges of Bi-Vocational Ministry (Mar. 10th)
  • Preaching for Mission: Communicating transformation, not just information (April 7th)
  • Women and Men in Ministry: Essential gateway to mission (May 12th)
  • The Challenge of Alternative Sexualities: A test case for mission (June 2nd)



Because all the partners involved in this institute long for the flourishing of church planting in North America, we are providing this training for $4000. But for this first year we will discount it to $3500.

An immersive training, coaching, and mentorship program such as this (with unique weekly and monthly aspects) would normally cost anywhere from $8000 to $12,000. So everyone involved is getting 50% off of comparable training and mentoring.


Reserve your spot now.
Deadline extended to Friday, sept. 22



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