FREE Preaching E-Course: Engage Your Entire Church

Are you preaching to all your people?  Chances are YOU AREN’T.

Sermons often only connect with 1 out of 4 people. But you can change this by learning the 8 different “intelligences” that are sitting in your congregation.  In this FREE E-Course by Northern Seminary’s President, Bill Shiell, you will learn how to engage your entire congregation with God’s word.

Like giving a gift—we give what we like to receive—we often preach in a way that make sense to us. But what if you are only engaging a quarter of our congregation?  But you can change that by learning about the 8 different “intelligences” of the people sitting in your congregation and learning how to connect with how each one.

INCLUDES an Exclusive Q&A Webinar Session with Pres. Bill Shiell on July 31st. 

FREE Preaching E-course:
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Engage Your Entire Church

In this specially designed email course President Bill Shiell will walk you through the 8 different intelligences and show you how to apply these insights as you prepare your next sermon.  He will use compelling illustrations and examples from his over 17 years of preaching and teaching.

The eight intelligences you will learn are:


Linguistic (word smart)
Logical (number/reasoning smart)
Spatial (picture smart)
Bodily-Kinesthetic (body smart)
Musical (music smart)
Interpersonal (people smart)
Intrapersonal (self smart)
Naturalist (nature smart)


The E-course INCLUDES an Exclusive Q&A Webinar Session with Pres. Bill Shiell on July 31st. 

No matter your preaching style, this e-course will hone your message and your delivery. Whether you are an expository, story-telling, celebration, thematics, or doctrinal preacher, your sermons need you to connect with your people in ways that make sense for them—not just in ways that connect for you.

FREE Preaching E-course:
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About the Instructor:

President Bill Shiell is a native of Pensacola, Florida. He accepted God’s call to ministry in the ninth grade and has been pursuing that ever since, a journey which has given him a deep passion for both theological education and the church. Bill became Northern’s eleventh president in January 2016 and joined the Northern community in March of that year.

Dr. Shiell holds a PhD in New Testament from Baylor University and has pastored for seventeen years. He came to Northern from First Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Florida, where he served as Senior Pastor. The author of several books and numerous articles, he is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature.



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