Bill Janus

Director of Special Projects

Bill Janus worked for many years in the for-profit, computer industry.  During a time of great change and innovation in the industry, Bill served as a sales rep, regional manager, vice president and a part owner at one company.

His earnings also led him to search out worthy non-profits to support.  After an initial gift to World Relief, he became a devoted donor.  He then shifted into the non-profit world where he could help people today and strengthen the church for tomorrow, raising funds for World Relief as an advancement staff member for many years.

Bill learned in this role the power of having the local church serve the most vulnerable, internationally and here at home.  As Director of Special Projects, Bill looks forward to raising resources that help lead the church and engage the world at Northern Seminary. If you are a business person looking for a wonderful opportunity to talk to someone who understands your corporate and stewardship goals, contact Bill Janus.