Cherith Fee Nordling

Associate Professor of Theology

Cherith grew up in Pentecostal circles with her father and grandfathers as Assembly of God pastors. For the past 30 years Cherith and her husband Robert have been involved in the Spirit’s renewal of the mainline Presbyterian, Anglican and Christian Reformed communities of which they’ve been a part, either on staff or as laypersons.

In the past few years Cherith has been a sessional lecturer at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Kuyper College and Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI, and Fuller Seminary’s Young Life Masters Program in Colorado. She has also taught graduate courses for Westminster Theological Centre in London, England, the Vineyard Leadership Institute in Columbus, OH, the Fire School in Chicago, IL and the Trinity Learning Community in Corona, CA. She taught for five years at Calvin College and Seminary while serving as Co-Director of Christian Formation with her husband, and filled a one-year appointment at Wheaton College in theology.

She speaks and teaches in various contexts, and has authored and contributed to many publications. Most recently, Cherith has been working on a book on theological anthropology and the resurrection, and a condensed version of Paul’s Christology with her father, Gordon Fee.


PhD in Systematic Theology,University of St. Andrews (2003)
University of London–King’s College (1999)
MCS in Theology, Regent College (1997)
MA in Counseling Theology, Notre Dame de Namur University (1995)
BA in Speech Communication and Spanish, Wheaton College (1981)

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By: Cherith Fee Nordling