David Fitch

Betty R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology

David Fitch is B. R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary Chicago, IL. He is also the founding pastor of Life on the Vine Christian Community, a missional church in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. He coaches a network of church plants in the C&MA linked to Life on the Vine. He writes on the issues the local church must face in Mission including cultural engagement, leadership and theology and has lectured and presented on these topics at many seminaries, graduate schools, denominational gatherings and conferences.

David Fitch’s latest books are Faithful Presence andĀ The Church of Us vs. Them


PhD in Theological Ethics, Church and Society, Northwestern University
MA in New Testament and Theology, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
BA in Philosophy, Wheaton College



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The Story of Contextual Theology at Northern Seminary

LEADING CHURCHES INTO MISSION Leading a church to be present in its local context, and then engaging that context with the gospel, is the missional task. How do we open space to discern the hurts, pains, struggles and joys of the places we live, long enough, to then proclaim the…

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By: David Fitch