The V3 Movement + Northern Seminary

Thinking from the ground up.

A Natural Partnership

A leader in training missional church planters, The V3 Movement emphasizes eight energizing principles of the “church as movement” instead of church as a show. Led by experienced practitioners and church coaches such as JR Woodward (Church As Movement, InterVarsity Press), cohorts are relational catalysts for leaders creating communities on mission in the neighborhood.

Northern Seminary’s Master of Arts in Theology & Mission (MATM) was crafted from the ground up to equip students with a robust biblical and theological worldview for joining God’s mission. Practitioners, pastors, and planters learn to engage the complex questions of culture led by leading missional theologians like Dr. David Fitch (The End of Evangelicalism, Faithful Presence).

“Praxis” What You Preach

The MATM with an emphasis in church planting combines the practical formation of V3 Learning Cohorts with the accredited academic training of Northern Seminary. Students who participate in two years of V3 Learning Cohorts are eligible to receive 6 credits with Northern Seminary.

How It Works

  1. Students apply for V3 learning cohort (Year 1) and choose the Advanced Standing Credit option with Northern.
  2. Upon acceptance with V3, students apply to Northern Seminary.
  3. Upon acceptance to Northern Seminary students are enrolled in the MATM program while participating in the V3 Learning  Cohort. Academic classes can be taken concurrently or in the future.
  4. Upon completion of the V3 Learning Cohort, students submit an academic portfolio (reading and writing requirements) and are awarded 9 graduate credits after approval from faculty.

Completing Your Degree

The Master of Arts Theology and Mission program requires 54 credit hours, 6 of which are covered by dual enrollment with the V3 Learning Cohort.

Smart-Classroom Technology Gives You Flexibility

Course are available on campus or via interactive live-streaming.. The Masters in Theology and Mission is one of the first cohort model programs to be launched via our live-streaming technology. Smart classroom technology enables you to interact with our premier faculty and engage in Northern’s vibrant classroom experience without leaving your community of practice.

MATM Coursework

Specialization Courses

  • Mission-Shaped Church – MN 433
  • Cultural Exegesis- CT 333
  • Christianity and Pluralism – TH 406
  • Sexual Ethics and the Family – TE 417
  • Theology of Church and Culture (TH 303)
  • Topics in Missional Theology 1 + 2
  • Discerning the Triune God – TH 431

Core Courses

  • Intro to Biblical Interpretation (IN 304)
  • The Pentateuch, Poetry and Wisdom Books (OT 307)
  • Historical Books and the Prophets (OT 308)
  • Gospels and Acts (NT 307)
  • New Testament Letters and Revelation (NT 308)
  • History of Christian Survey (CH 305)
  • Christian Theology I (TH 301)
  • Christian Theology II (TH 302)
  • Theology of Church & Culture (TH 303)
  • Masters Thesis

Innovative Pricing

We offer an innovative price structure especially suited for a new kind of pastoral leader. Through scholarships available to qualified students, the cost of the program will be substantially lower than most Masters degrees in Theology. See tuition and financial aid information.