Lift the Financial Burden on Pastors

By: Northern Seminary

Pastors are often seen as unflappable figures, inexhaustible and immune from the pressures facing their congregations. The reality is pastors have unique and often unspoken needs. Today, they need someone to “hold their arms up” and lift the burdens of pastoral ministry. Just as Aaron and Hur did for Moses in the wilderness, the Northern family helps pastoral leaders endure the challenges they face today.  

Because of your giving, over 2,000 Christians are now training to be pastoral leaders through Northern Seminary. A recent alumnus and pastor share his thoughts:  

When I first went to seminary, I was intimidated and thought it was going to be a lot of reading and intellectual work. Yes, there was a lot of that, but I never thought that there’d be such passion, pastoral care, and professors that took the time to help walk with you through this life of following Jesus.  

I’m so thankful to have gone to a seminary with professors/teachers/pastors that do not stop pouring into students when the lecture is over or after graduation.  

Our students need you now more than ever to lift the burdens of financial stress, hold their arms, and keep them in their ministry positions. Several of our current students lack the financial resources to continue their seminary journey. Either because of health concerns, family stress, or the burden of debt, they are carrying a heavy load as a pastoral ministry. Let me share three examples with you.  

One student began her journey while still completing her undergraduate studies; she was able to tap into benefits from the VA to help her make seminary affordable. But now, her Veteran’s benefits have expired. 

Another is an American Baptist student whose church has gone through significant financial troubles during COVID. They had committed to provide a scholarship but now are no longer able to do so.  

A third is a student hospitalized because of toxic fumes in her apartment. She’s recovering but having to move to another apartment mid semester.  

This Spring, we need to raise an additional $135,391 in scholarships and student support for students like these three and more current students just like them. We can’t do this without you.  

Would you share a generous gift today to the Northern fund, allocating it to “wherever needed most” by May 31? Your gift will help students just like them to complete their education on-time and debt-free. 

Would you please click here to help? 


William D. Shiell 


May 12, 2022

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