Master of Arts New Testament

Transform the way you do life and ministry with Northern Seminary’s Master of Arts New Testament degree in whatever format works best for your busy life.

Classes are held just once a week so you can still work in the church, have a job and spend time with your family. Regardless if you are with us in person at our state of the art facilities or through our easily accessible Northern Live online platform, you get the opportunity to interact with our Faculty at Northern Seminary.

By studying the New Testament in a Jewish context, the life of Jesus, Paul, Peter and John — among other characters like Junia and Priscilla and Phoebe and Mary — are seen in a refreshingly new way. Class after class, you will feel your confidence rising as a competent minister of the gospel, built on a solid foundation of biblical understanding and application.

Do the MA in New Testament from anywhere! 

WebsiteHeader3The MA in New Testament is one of the first cohort model Masters programs to be launched via Live Streaming at Northern Seminary. Smart classroom technology enables you to interact with our premier faculty and engage in Northern’s vibrant classroom experience without leaving your faith community. Click HERE for more details

Available Format(s)

On Campus + Annual Week-Long Intensive on Campus

Northern Live + Annual Week-Long Intensive on Campus

*See here for affordable, low-cost housing while on campus.

Upcoming Starting Points

September, 2019

Program Completion Time

This 57-credit, cohort based program is designed to be completed in 4 years. This includes one weekly class, typically on Monday 4:00–6:40pm CT, as well as, annual week-long intensives held on-campus.

*The program can be completed quicker, but the cohort tuition rate is forfeited and exchanged for seminary wide, per credit rate.

In-Depth Look

Throughout this program, students will demonstrate an understanding of the historical, cultural, religious and social contexts of the New Testament. While addressing the application of the New Testament in the context of church ministry, this remains an academic degree focused on an articulation of a better hermeneutic of the New Testament. Students will be required to master both biblical and cultural exegesis, demonstrated by their successful completion of a concise 50-75 page thesis.

Innovative Content

Program Courses:

  • Orientation to NT Studies (NT 401)
  • Jesus and the Gospels (NT 301)
  • Mission of the Apostles (tour) – NT 403
  • NT Contextual Theology (NT 406)
  • NT Story (NT 408)
  • NT Theology I – NT 412
  • NT Theology II – NT 413
  • Mission-shaped Church – MN 433

Core Courses:

  • The Pentateuch (OT 301)
  • The Former Prophets (OT 302)
  • Old Testament Theology (OT 458)
  • History of Christianity I (Early & Medieval) (CH 301)
  • History of Christianity II (Ref. & Modern) (CH 302)
  • Christian Theology I (TH 301)
  • Christian Theology II (TH 302)
  • Theology of Church and Culture (TH 303)

Final Thesis (MA 502) – 9 Standard Credits

Click here for an updated Progress Report.

Immersive Context Trip

The program concludes with a two week trip to Greece and Turkey, following in the footsteps of Paul. You can learn more about the trip here.

Convenient Schedule

The normal cohort class time for the MANT program is Monday 4:00–6:40 Central Time. (On occasion, a class may be held Monday 7:00–9:40 or on a Tuesday.) The program also requires an annual one-week intensive class in late summer on our main campus in Lisle.

Dual-Degree Option

Students can enroll concurrently in the MDiv and the Master of Arts in New Testament. A maximum of 27 quarter hours may count towards both degrees, resulting in a total number of 138 credit hours for both degrees. This dual degree option has a reduced per-credit tuition rate if the student takes the MA courses in the cohort sequence.

For more information or to get started:

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