New Beginnings for the New Kind of Preacher Program

By: Gary Hayles

The impact of the New Kind of Preacher program touches beyond the walls of the context of Northern Seminary. It is designed to reach pastors and preachers at various levels in their maturation in ministry. I have found, in leading the NKP program for the past year, that when a pastor or a preacher hears the phrase “A New Kind of Preacher”, they immediately begin to think of a new methodology of preaching, new preaching techniques, new styles of presentations, or new exegetical principles. However, when they come to understand that this program is actually a new way of processing and experiencing personal growth for public ministry, they are immediately shocked and even filled with uncertainty. The preacher/pastor is always trying to find new ways to improve their skill and craft of homiletic presentation, but they never realized the possibility and necessity of being developed personally or that this could take place through peer learning groups.

In 2017, the New Kind of Preacher program began with two active groups which were visited by me personally. After participating in a peer group learning session, I recognized the transformational experience that had taken place both individually and collectively among the participants in the peers group. I immediately began to consider what others could possible learn from this experience and how the participants’ personal ministries and their local churches could be greatly enhanced.

This is the treasure of the NKP program. It allows the group and individuals to engage with each other through transitional learning. Upon starting the program, the participants initially do not realize that they are being inspired and propelled by the difficulties and experiences of others in ministry. However, each person is ultimately being shaped through discussions with peers, directed dialogue formats provided through the learning modules, and the leadership provided by each peer leader. The NKP program is not simply a process to strengthen preaching; it is an enhancement to the personal and ministerial lives of all involved.

If you’d like more information about the NKP program or if you want to join an NKP group, please contact Christine Kolb.

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February 16, 2018

Gary Hayles

Program Director for the New Kind of Preacher Program & Adjunct Professor


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